TechKnowIT Developes GST Softwares, Responsive Websites, Mobile Apps TechKnowIT Provides Bulk SMS, Bulk Voice Broadcasting, Bulk Emails TechKnowIT Do Digital Marketing, Search Engine Optimization


TechKnowIT is the rising multiservice providing IT organization in Maharashtra-India. We provide quality services and business support which meets client requirement in cost effective and timely manner

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  • Monday - Friday
    10.00 am- 7:00 pm (IST)
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    10.00 am - 03.00 pm (IST)
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Emergency Case

We are here to provide 24/7 support to you even official work closed,at any cost any time

+91 9960 279 310
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Welcome To TechKnowIT

TechKnowIT is the well established multi solutions IT organization which provides services like customized Software Developement, all kinds of static and dynamic Website Developement, Search Engine Optimization(SEO), Mobile Apps(Android and IOS), Bulk SMS Provider, Bulk Calls, Bulk E-mails, Digital Marketing, Content Writing and almost all online services.

Why TechKnowIT?

Low Cost

we provide clients with value, which is not just delivered through price but through innovative solutions. Value is added through reducing overall cost and programme schedules whilst maintaining the highest quality and specification.

Best Professionals

We are uniquely qualified team of individuals who solve your problems in a professional and courteous manner. Would you expect anything less?


Our clients entrust us to solve difficult problems in a manner that is secure and confidential from our first contact with them. Trust is the first attribute our clients recognize when we discuss solutions rather than problems.

Total Commitment

This is the cornerstone of everything we do. We care about your law firm, your people, your specific needs, and results that you can use and measure immediately.

A Relationship You Can Count On

We know that what really counts is a relationship that provides continuing value and support long after the proposal is signed and the check is written.

We act & welcome your feedback

Customer satisfaction is our first prority, We're always looking to improve every aspect of our business. From more features all the way to more frequent projects.


We bring a lateral approach, thinking innovatively and creatively. Our specialists work across all our industries and service offerings and our inspired solutions add considerable value, creating certainty, ensuring safety and eliminating risk.

Your satisfaction is our success

Our success comes from you, through us helping you make best use of technology to forge efficiencies of your own, create your own differentiators, be more dynamic and competitive, and ultimately achieve success.

Online Support

We all know how frustrating it can be to have a problem and not get the support you deserve. Customer support is our highest priority! Our expert team is here to help you and we strive to provide the best support. If you have a problem we will investigate it and find a solution

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